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Ben would love for students to write letters to him and show images of their creative projects using sustainable and eco-friendly materials! Please compile student letters and/or projects images into a .pdf or .doc document and upload below. Ben will respond and we will post them on our site!

Additional details:

  1. Ben loves creativity! Students can share any and all types of creations with him made at home or in a makerspace (e.g., STEM projects, poems, illustrations, costume designs, upcycled projects)

  2. Please do not show student faces or blur/cover faces.

  3. Provide a short description of the project.

  4. Reach out to for questions

  5. If preferable to send physical letters instead of digital:

​Ben + STEM​

9247 N. Meridian St. Suite #375

Indianapolis, IN 46260. 

Ben face.png

Show me your awesome projects!

Need an idea? Read a free copy of "How to Keep an Owl Dry in the Rain" by Krista Stith and send a letter to Ben on how your student would keep an owl dry in the rain!

Book cover for How to Keep an Owl Dry.png
Submit letters to Ben here!
Upload Letters/Images

Thanks for submitting!

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