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The sample box has the following: 

Ecovibe Bamboo Straws x2; Equo Rice straws x2; Equo Coffee straws x2; Veggie Vegetable straws x2; Equo Coconut Straws x2; Bio Agave Agave straws x2; Equo Grass straws x2; Earth's Natural (Resealable) Corn Resealable Bags x1; Stackman Sugarcane bowl x1; UNNI Corn-based Bag x1; Transition2earth Corn-based Flatware (fork and spoon); Greenprint Birchwood Flatware(fork and spoon); Biofase Avocado Flatware(fork and spoon); Biohome Cling Wrap sample; Kraft Adhesive Tape sample


Sustainable STEM Sample Box

Excluding Sales Tax
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